Almaza 330ml*24

Almaza means diamond in Arabic. There is also a big diamond shining on the label.

Chateau Ksara Rouge 750ml

Lebanon's oldest winery, Chateau Ksara's leading product.

Priuré Ksara 750ml

A beutiful label with a church bell drawn on it.

Cuvee de Printemps 750ml

Red wine which is recommended to drink it cold.

Le Merlot A 750ml

Lebanese wine. Le Merlot A(Red, Full body) (Clos St. Thomas, Lebanon) 750ml

Chateau St. Thomas 750ml

Taste the capability of Lebanese wine.

Pinot Noir de St. Thomas 750ml

An elegant flavor bottle of wine.

Les Emirs 750ml

An elegant wine from a up and coming Lebanese winery.