Fig Jam /Confiture de Figue 430g

Jam with many big pieces of figs

Black Olive Greek Style/Olive Noir facon Grece 230g

This product enhances the ripe taste of black olive.

Green Olive Pitted / Olive Verte Denoyautee 350g

A product using the Verdi type olive, which is known for its fruity flavor and firm texture.

Violet Olive for Tajine with Preserved Lemon/ Olive Violette pour Tajine avec Citron Confit 710g

Ripe and fairly violet, large olives are used. In Morocco it is often used for Tajin cuisines. Suits well for easy party meals as well.

Citron Confit / Preserved Lemon 370g

This product uses a sweet scented Verdi lemon.

Virgin Argan Oil/Huile d'ArganVierge 250ml

A very rare oil only gathered in Morocco. With this bottle of Argan Oil you can enjoy the scent of roasted nuts.

Tomato Paste Double Concentrated / Pate de Tomate Double Concentre 370g

Morocco's brightly colored tomato paste

CB Initiales Rouge 750ml

A new premium red wine from Morocco.

Ait Souala Rouge 750ml

Blended wine of Arinarnoa which is an union of Merlot and Petit Verdot, and two varieties with strong tannin, Tannat and Malbec. This wine has a deep full body taste.

CB Initiales Blanc 750ml

A premium white wine from Morocco.

Ait Souala Blanc 750ml

Viognier 100%