oil-sardine-in-olive-oil-harissa 125g

With the large sized sardines, it is very filling. Harissa in it.

Oil Sardine in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 125g

A richer extra virgin olive oil version of soused sardine.

Oil Sardine in Olive Oil 125g

Popular oil sardine

Tuna (Yellow fin, filet) in Vergin Olive Oil 200g

Filet yellow fin tuna soused in luxurious virgin olive oil.

Tuna (Bonito, Block) in Vergin Olive Oil 700g

Blocks of tuna soused in luxurious virgin olive oil.

Sardine in virgin olive oil 50 cans set 125g × 50

Oil sardine in a discount price for 1 case/50 cans!! As the expiration date is long from now, recommended to keep as preserved stock in your kitchen.

Tuna Fillet in olive oil with slice olives 190g

Tunisian tuna fillet with slice olives