Veralda Rose Xtrian 2020

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Gentle and attractive pink color, intense scent of citrus, red Sicilian orange, pink grapefruit,

red berries like red gooseberry, with floral scents of rose, white tea and orange blossom.

In the mouth dry, medium high pleasant freshness, medium full body, but a serious texture in which

you feel the warmth and intense fruity taste in accordance with the smell. Ripe and long fresh fruity finish.

Serious rosé of high quality from ripe fresh grapes, multi-layered fruity, but still airy fresh intense aroma.

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Name: Veralda Rose Xtrian

Color: Rose wine

Type / Alc.: Dry / 13%

Variety: Lefosk

Winary: Veralda

Region: Istoria / Croatia

Vintage: 2020

Volume: 750ml

Imported by: M&P Corporation