Argan Oil 3 bottle set

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A Reasonable 3 bottle set of Moroccan Argan Oil!
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A very rare oil only gathered in Morocco.

With this bottle of Argan Oil you can enjoy the scent of roasted nuts.

A special product from Morocco, quality Argan Oil is directly imported by us!! 

Moroccan beauty and their health is made by a spoon full of Argan Oil every morning.

There is 4 times more vitamin E than olive oil in Argan Oil, and it contains much squalane. Because of this reason, Argan Oil has attracted the world, of course for cooking but also for its beauty affect. 

In Moroccan Hammam, Argan Oil is used as massage oil.

<Product Description>

Name: Virgin Argan Oil/Huile d'ArganVierge

Manufacturer: AICHA (Morocco, Meknes)

Extracting Method: Cold pressing method

Net Weight: 250ml

Country of Origin: Morocco

Imported by: M&P Corporation