Dates with pit 400g

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Imported the Deglet Nour type known for its high quality.

Tunisia's high quality dates.

Dates contain many minerals such as iron, zinc, potassium, and vitamin A, B.

This has a rich sweetness.

In many Arabic countries and North Africa, dates are eaten on daily bases.

This dates has bronze colored beautiful hull, a elegant sweetness, unique flavor and the soft pulp.

Therefore, it is called "THE DATES" for the Deglet Nour.

<Product Details>

Name: Dry Date, With Pit (Lyna)

Ingredients: Deglet Nour

Net Weight: 400g

Country of Origin: Tunisia

Imported by: M&P Corporation

For Preservation, avoid heat and moist, save in refrigerator after opening

Expiry date: Please check on Japanese item page.