Domaine Clipea Chardonnay

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A wine of refreshing 100% Chardonnay.
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A gentle and plump flavor made by maturing in a barrel for 4 months.

Tunisia's popular dry wine.

This wine will go well with any kind of food and has a wonderful tolerance.

It goes well with sushi and other Japanese dishes as well.

If you are familiar with wine, you may wonder why AOC is adopted for Tunisian wine.

This is because Tunisia used to be an French colony till 1956,  and has much influence from France for wine.

Tunisia's wine making method is based on the French AOC. Therefore, the quality control is very strict which is the reason why Tunisia is able to make great wine.

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Name: Domaine Clipea Chardonnay

Color: White wine

Type / Alc.: Dry / 12.5%

Variety: Chardonnay 100%

Winery: Les Vignerous de Carthage 

Region: Mornag / Tunisia

Local Name: AOC

Vintage: 2016

Volume: 750ml

Imported by: M&P Corporation