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The almond scent matches halva very well.
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A very popular sweets in Arabic countries.

This sweets is attached deeply to Arabic culture and customs, that it is brought in many ceremonial occasions.

It has a very soft texture that it falls apart once you put it into your mouth.

A very unique sweets with a rich sesame flavor combined with the scent of bergamot and vanilla.

By adding almond, it gives an accent to the flavor and texture.

Eat with spoon from the container or separate them in pieces and try them.

(It is very fragile and easy to brake apart when cutting it)

<Product Details>

Name: Halva-plain 

Ingredients: Sesame, Sugar, Glucose, Almond, Soapwort roots, Emulsifier, Titanium dioxide, Citric acid, Vanillin, Bergamot

Net Weight: 200g

Country of Origine: Tunisia

Imported by: M&P Corporation

Preserve in normal temperature, keep away from hot environment and humidity.