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Ksarak is a traditional Lebanese high class Arak.
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Arak is made of distilled grapes flavored with Aniseed.

In Lebanon, this liquor is drunk more often than wine and has a strong connection with diets.

The liquor is made by repeating the same process many times; distilling white grape juice after leaving it for about a week and adding anise.

After the alcohol percentage reaches around 30%, it is put in a pot and dunk after leaving it in a pot for 1 to 2 years.

In addition to this, it is said that higher the alcohol percentage the higher class the Arak becomes.

This Ksarak is very high ranked, matured in a  jar for 2 years and the alcohol percentage is 53%. 

Also the relation of this liquor to Japan is very deep.

The root of Japanese shochu which used to be called "Araki sake" was the Lebanese arak that came into Nagasaki during the Edo era.

Same as the Greek Ouzo, Turkish Raki, and French Ricard or Pernord, Arak also gets white and clouded. Therefore, it is also called as "Lion's milk".

For drinking Ksarak in a Lebanese way, first pour the liquor into 1/3 of the glass.

Then, add 1/3 of water into the glass as well. When the liquor gets clouded, put some ice till the liquor is fully clouded.

At last drink it out of the glass.

In Lebanon, people enjoy Ksarak as a long drink while enjoying their meal.

Clos St. Thomas is famous for their wine, however, they started with Arak making.

In Lebanon, Touma is one of the most known Arak brands.

The design of the bottle and label which is a motif of mosque, is also one of the part you can enjoy.

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Name: Ksarak 

Liquor Type: Herbal and Spice Liqueur

Alc.: 53%

Ingredients: Grape, Aniseed

Winery(Distillery): Chateau KSARA

Region: Lebanon

Volume: 700ml

Imported by: M&P Corporation