Concassed Sun Dried Tomato / Bruschetta

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Slowly dried tomato, using Mediterrenean local tomato.
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A dry tomato of fully tasted ripe tomato, soused in olive oil with garlic and oregano.

This will give more taste by using for pasta, salad and dressings.

By changing the ingredients and removing olive oil and vinegar, there is more taste of dried tomato in this renewed jar of Concassed Sun Dried Tomato/Bruschetta.

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Name: Sun Dried Tomato in Oil (Concassed)

Ingredients: Sun dried tomato, Sunflower oil, Garlic, Oregano, Salt 

Net Weight: 200g

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: SUN ANTIPASTI / Tunisia

Imported by: M&P Corporation

This manufacturer has obtained HACCP(International standard of sanitary and quality control)

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