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Thibarine is a Tunisian sweet herbal liqueur as popular as Boukha.
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The history began in the late 19 century when the dominican order made a monastery in the north region of Thibar area.
Priests who moved there from Switzerland, brought a recipe with them and started making this liqueur since then. 

Afterwards, this monastery stopped producing Thibarine.
However, the original recipe was inherited to the western brewing experts, and it has been made with the same recipe from the Thibar area.

This liqueur is made with various herbs soused in alcohol derived from grapes, and added sugar.
It is commonly drunk as digestif, but it can also be enjoyed as aperitif and base for cocktails.

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Name: Tibarine
Liquor type: Liqueur
Alc.: 40%
Ingredients: Brandy, Herbs(Annis), Sugar
Brewery: Cave de Thibar
Region: Thibar, Tunisia
Imported by: M&P Corporation