Tuna (Yellow fin, filet) in Vergin Olive Oil

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Filet yellow fin tuna soused in luxurious virgin olive oil.
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big filet of tuna soused in Tunisian aromatic virgin olive oil, therefore, there is not much fish smell.

Use it for multiple dishes such as salad, appetizer, pasta, or just have the tuna itself from the jar.

As it is in a jar, preservation is possible by closing the lid.

Very convenient for small use at a time.

Caution* By keeping in the refrigerator the olive oil may indurate and turn white. However, this is due to the natural quality and will go back to liquid after leaving it in room temperature.

              * Careful when putting the tuna in high temperature oil. The oil or juice may splash and cause burnt skin. Cooking the tuna while lower temperature will make it safer and delicious.

<Product Details>

Name: Tuna Fillet in Virgin Olive Oil

Ingredients: Yellow fin, Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Laurel leaf

Total Weight / Drained Weight: 200g / 140g

Manufacturer / Country of Origin: El Mamar / Tunisia

Imported by: M&P Corporation