Brown Fine Bourghol (whole wheat) / Bulgur Fin Complet (Lebanon) 850g

Used in a middle eastern parsley salad, Taboulle.

Tahina 450g 454g

Lebanese white sesame cream.

907g Tahina 907g

Lebanese white sesame paste in a business use bottle.

5kg Tahina Lebanon 5kg

Lebanese White sesame paste in a large business use bottle.

hommus 370

An appetizer necessary in Middle Eastern countries.

Baba Gannouge 370

Lebanon's common dip for appetizer with good scent of charbroiled eggplant and the soft flavor of white sesame cream, also has a soft texture.

Mackdouce 600g

Eggplant with stuffed walnut soused in oil, Lebanon's representative appetizer.

Pickled Wild Cucumber 600g

"Armenian Cucumber" pickles, which are very common in middle eastern countries.

Brown Fava Beans 400g

Fava beans, common beans used for Egypt and other middle eastern dishes.

Whole Young Okra 840g

Young okra is often used in middle eastern home cooking. Delicious for cooking with tomatoes.

Pulp of Grilled Eggplants 765g

Good for Baba Ghannouj.

Vine Leaves in Salted Water 600g

High quality Lebanese vine leaves.